Data-Driven Method for Computation of Theoretical Paternal Lineage Migrations

Theoretical migration of J-PH1080. It appears to have entered Europe in the Bronze Age.





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7/3/2020 Genetic Genealogy Can Break Down Our Biases
5/31/2020 West-Macedonian and Bulgarian Lineage of J-FGC55778’s Possible Relationship to a Peloponnesian Greek Obscured by a RecLOH
5/17/2020 New Swiss-Sicilian Lineage Predicted in J-FGC55778
4/25/2020 Four Lineages of J-Z1043 United Into J-FGC55778 – Explaining Their Common Divergent DYS385a=10
4/11/2020 J-L283 As Caucasus Hunter Gatherer Component in Yamnaya
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3/29/2020 Population Growth By Region of the Empire Since Ancient Rome
3/21/2020 Phylogeographer Updated to YFull v8.03.00
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2/5/2020 Pre-Roman Origin of Jewish J-Z39653 Could Be Revealed By J-Z39655
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2/3/2020 Phylogeographer Updated to YFull v8.01.00
2/1/2020 J-M205 – 3700 BC Diversification in the Southern Levant – Egypt – and Arabia
2/1/2020 G-Y12975 Major Jewish Lineage of Southern Europe
1/25/2020 G-M377 Diversity Across Eurasia and the Americas
1/17/2020 J-L283’s Armenian Connection
1/17/2020 PhyloGeographer Updated to YFull v8.00.00
1/12/2020 R-DF21 Computed Origin Near Isle of Man
1/5/2020 - J-CTS11760 Update – Still Looks Celtic
12/28/2019 - PhyloGeographer Updated to YFull v7.10.00
12/12/2019 - J-Z40052 Middle Bronze Age Migration from the Balkans to Sweden
12/8/2019 - Vote for Which Feature I Implement Next
12/6/2019 - PhyloGeographer Updated to YFull v7.09.01
12/1/2019 - J-L283 The Case For a North of the Black Sea Migration from W Asia to Europe
11/15/2019 - Video - November Development Update
11/15/2019 - Video - Which location to use for your YFull sample
11/14/2019 - Haplogroup Statistics
11/8/2019 - First Ancient J-Z631 Found in Roman Necropolis
11/3/2019 - J-M241 Syrian Christians of India descend from Bronze Age Collapse Levantine J-Y146401 • BY46462
11/3/2019 - YFull Cost Benefit Analysis
10/26/2019 - Release Notes for Update to YFull v7.09
10/6/2019 - STR Match Finder Correctly Predicted First European J-Z2432, an Azorean
9/27/2019 - New Collaboration System
8/27/2019 - Inspiring Thoughts from PhyloGeography
8/26/2019 - Testing the Accuracy through Simulation
8/23/2019 - Two Improvements Explained
8/10/2019 - Central Europeans Who Became Mokshas and Tatars
8/2/2019 - Pre-Roman Migration to Scotland
6/15/2019 - New Service - Deep Match Finding for Those With No Matches
6/15/2019 - Big Article! - R1a-M198
6/14/2019 - Big Article! - R1b-DF27
6/14/2019 - Version 3.0 of Algorithm released as Open Source
6/13/2019 - Haplogroup Q added
5/7/2019 - Pilgrimage to Caucasus Hunter Gatherer Kotias Klde Cave with locals, possible descendants
4/21/2019 - TMRCA dates displayed in migration
4/5/2019 - Haplogroup N entered the Baltic via Finland in 1600 BC
4/5/2019 - All my articles, neatly organized here
4/2/2019 - Outlier correction implemented
3/22/2019 - Find your matches in FTDNA projects using the STR Match Finder
11/27/2018 - New Y-DNA Consulting services
11/4/2018 - All haplogroup migrations computed except Q
11/4/2018 - Adam haplogroup project traces back to "Adam" from haplogroup root locations
10/9/2018 - Updated with all YFull regional codes
9/20/2018 - Y-DNA Haplogroup G calibrated with Ancient DNA
9/13/2018 - First Newsletter Sent