Data-Driven Method for Computation of Paternal Lineage Migrations

Theoretical migration of J-PH1080. It appears to have entered Europe in the Bronze Age.





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8/2/2019 - Pre-Roman Migration to Scotland
6/15/2019 - New Service - Deep Match Finding for Those With No Matches
6/15/2019 - Big Article! - R1a-M198
6/14/2019 - Big Article! - R1b-DF27
6/14/2019 - Version 3.0 of Algorithm released as Open Source
6/13/2019 - Haplogroup Q added
6/1/2019 - Ancient Samples interactive view in ArcGIS
5/19/2019 - 1600 Ancient DNA Samples added as part of New Collaboration see them by clicking "Ancient DNA" from map
5/7/2019 - Pilgrimage to Caucasus Hunter Gatherer Kotias Klde Cave with locals, possible descendants
4/21/2019 - TMRCA dates displayed in migration
4/5/2019 - Haplogroup N entered the Baltic via Finland in 1600 BC
4/5/2019 - All my articles, neatly organized here
4/2/2019 - Outlier correction implemented
3/22/2019 - Find your matches in FTDNA projects using the STR Match Finder
11/27/2018 - New Y-DNA Consulting services
11/4/2018 - All haplogroup migrations computed except Q
11/4/2018 - Adam haplogroup project traces back to "Adam" from haplogroup root locations
10/9/2018 - Updated with all YFull regional codes
9/20/2018 - Y-DNA Haplogroup G calibrated with Ancient DNA
9/13/2018 - First Newsletter Sent