PhyloGeographer is a data-driven method for objectively computing theoretical migrations of Y-haplogroup lineages.

It attempts to answer the question of where your fathers' fathers' fathers' etc were living, all the way back to Y-chromosomal "Adam".

Background Info: What is a Y-haplogroup? Informative Video

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4/5/2019 - Haplogroup N entered the Baltic via Finland in 1600 BC
4/5/2019 - All my articles, neatly organized here
4/2/2019 - Outlier correction implemented
3/22/2019 - Find your matches in FTDNA projects using the STR Match Finder
11/27/2018 - New Y-DNA Consulting services
11/4/2018 - All haplogroup migrations computed except Q
11/4/2018 - Adam haplogroup project traces back to "Adam" from haplogroup root locations
10/9/2018 - Updated with all YFull regional codes
9/21/2018 - Shop added
9/20/2018 - Y-DNA Haplogroup G calibrated with Ancient DNA
9/13/2018 - First Newsletter Sent!

What it Does Now

  • Computes migration paths of Y haplogroups from a set of geolocated samples
  • Overlays computed migration on top of a map of Archaeological Horizons
  • Incorporates ancient DNA samples from most haplogroups, which are weighted more by the algorithm
  • Regularly updated from YFull's tree to stay current

"Adam" Project

Future Goals

It is my passion to work on this project, but I cannot continue unsupported indefinitely. I am looking for academic partners / donors to help fund me to accomplish the following goals:

  • Improve algorithm to work across International Date Line to  compute migrations of haplogroup Q (Nov 2018)
  • Incorporate YFull TMRCA (Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor) along with formation dates that are currently used (Nov 2018)
  • Find academic partner to collaborate with to expand Archaeological Horizons (Dec 2018)
  • Use topographical data to make migration paths avoid impassable mountains - implement A* pathing algorithm for this (Jan 2019)
  • Identify times and places of co-migrations, when multiple groups may have migrated together (Jan 2019)

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Haplogroup project administrators have access to increasingly more and better data.

The dynamic and growing nature of the data set demands a dynamic, scalable, data-driven approach.

PhyloGeographer gives them an objective way to compute migration paths and share them with project members.

PH1080 migration may have been associated with Urnfield Culture