Phylogeographer updated to YFull v10.03.00

Y Heatmap - Diversity Map

Y Heatmap - Relative Frequency Map

Theoretical Migration By SNP

YFull World Sampling Rate Interactive Map

37136 unique, geolocated samples

14 New Regional Codes

  • BD-43 Narail
  • EG-MT Matrūh
  • EG-SU As Sādis min Uktūbar
  • FR-91 Essonne
  • GR-43 Magnisia
  • ID-SU Sumatera Utara
  • IN-UL Uttarakhand
  • JP-17 Ishikawa
  • PH-07 Central Visayas
  • PS-NGZ North Gaza
  • RO-SJ Sălaj
  • SI-085 Novo mesto
  • TR-76 Iğdır
  • TW-HUA Hualien


First sample from Iğdır Province, Turkey bordering Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Population in 2018 - 197,456

Archaeological research has uncovered Hurrian settlements in the Iğdır region going back to 4000 BC. The area was part of the Urartu kingdom circa 800 BC. There is a Urartu statuary in the area.


First sample from Matruh Governorate, the second largest regional unit of Egypt at 166,563 km2, is a J1-FGC11 -

Most new regional codes are from new customers.

But this man was only the 6458th customer sample added to the YFull YTree.

Kudos to him that after all this time, he decided within the past month to more accurately depict his uniparental male line origin as Matruh Governorate, Egypt.

If everyone is diligent like him the Y and mtDNA frequency and diversity maps I calculate from the YFull trees will be more accurate.


First sample from Uttarakhand, a state in northern India crossed by the Himalayas that is known for its Hindu pilgrimage sites. He's a J2a-L581 -

M Heatmap will be publicly released soon

The M Heatmap and new Y Heatmap are already essentially working. I am in the process of finalizing the M Heatmap and adding a few related tools before publicly releasing.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

3 thoughts on “Phylogeographer updated to YFull v10.03.00”

  1. Hello, I am writing to ask if there would be a possibility of working coordinates to this map. There is a new feature I suppose on YFULL, where if you go to settings, there is an option to “set coordinates.” I am R-FTB42580, which I share with one Russian from Kirov and one Turk. Anyways, I am from Kosovo and unfortunately due to the disputed status of the nation, I can not set Kosovo as my country. But, I have set coordinates of the village of my oldest known paternal ancestor. My question is if there is a way to use this data in the heat and migration map calculations, thanks.

    1. Hi Genti,
      I do not have access to the precise latitude and longitude set in YFull. If they give me access then I can use the precise location. It would be the best solution to your specific problem, also Armenians who mark Armenia rather than the specific geographic code of the region where they trace their descent.

      And it would make the heatmaps more accurate in general (especially for larger regions) rather than constricted to points defined by region centers.


      1. Do you think you could ask YFULL for access to the latitude and longitude set by users in YFULL? The only other option would be to set my sample under the Serbian flag, which I would not be fine in compromising with since it is not geopolitically accurate and would not be ethnically accurate either as I am Albanian from Kosovo, and the majority of Kosovo is ethnically Albanian as well. Otherwise, I will keep it as I have it now, no region with Albanian Gheg (“North”) set as language.

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