Haplogroup Statistics

I've started computing some statistics on the YFull tree by haplogroup. I'll update these each time YFull updates.

Statistics Page

1. Total Samples

2. Location Specificity [unknown, country, region]

3. Location Specificity Scores

Location specificity of samples within a haplogroup is effected by a lot of things, number of samples from scientific studies that are not geolocated on YFull, ancient samples that are not geolocated and the level of engagement of haplogroup researchers to motivate their samples to set locations when they are known.

I'm not showing this to make any group feel better or worse but to better understand the quality of location data we have for each haplogroup. This helps us hone in on areas that could use more engagement from their respective research groups.

With the next update I will also provide charts showing location specificity after integrating more specific locations for samples from PhyloGeographer's collaboration system.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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