Phylogeographer and Heatmaps updated to YFull v11.01.00

Q-L245 diversity_2
DZ-24 Algeria (Guelma) E-BY198181*
DZ-32 Algeria (El Bayadh) G-GG362*
EC-O Ecuador (El Oro) G-Z6033
GB-PKN United Kingdom (Perth and Kinross) R-A16160
ME-22 Montenegro (Gusinje) I-FT386055*
MK-505 Macedonia (Крушево) R-Y133365*
PE-ARE Peru (Arequipa) Q-BZ3048
PS-QQA Palestine (Qalqilya) E-M7312
TR-05 Turkey (Amasya) R-Y82803

The first sample representing Amasya is in a very rare subclade R2-Y106645, found so far in just five samples.

This is the brother of R-Y3370 that most living R2 people descend from.

"In antiquity, Amaseia was a fortified city high on the cliffs above the river. It has a long history as a wealthy provincial capital, producing kings and princes, artists, scientists, poets and thinkers, from the kings of Pontus, through Strabo the geographer, to many generations of the Ottoman imperial dynasty." - Wikepedia, Amasya

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Future Improvements

I'm putting the final touches on a new set of layers that can optionally be added to the map.

A country statistics layer will indicate the total sampling rate by country and what percentage of the samples from each country are positive for the given haplogroup.

Upstream and downstream migration path layers will indicate centroids of upstream or downstream subclades as calculated by a recursive algorithm similar to PhyloGeographer. The default parameters of this algorithm can be modified by the user.

I'll give a talk about the new analytical suite at the conference Traces of the past… Genetic and traditional genealogy in archaeological, historical and socio-cultural research in Chorzow, Poland April 20-21.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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