Phylogeographer and Heatmaps updated to YFull v10.08.00

Y Heatmap - Diversity Map

Y Heatmap - Relative Frequency Map (Classic)

Y Heatmap - Relative Frequency Map (Alpha - NEW)

Theoretical Migration By SNP

YFull World Sampling Rate Interactive Map

40611 unique, geolocated samples

Corrections / Improvements to Coordinates

Messina (IT-ME) and Palermo (IT-PA) coordinates have been adjusted to more accurately reflect the centers of each province.

9 New Regional Codes

Kunar, Aghanistan regional code represented for the first time on the YFull YTree v10.08 R1a-FT316309 is the only child of parent R1a-YP1123 found in Afghanistan on the YFull YTree.

Use Y Heatmap Alpha or Y Heatmap Classic to generate relative frequency maps for free.

Or I can generate them for you as part my paid consulting work to advance your male line research goals.

For a free quote, contact me by email: hunter provyn at gmail dot com

New Developments

I streamlined the interface for all three Y-DNA maps so that you can switch from one to the other without having to enter the subclade.

Future Improvements

I'm putting the final touches on a new layer that can optionally be added to the map, that will indicate the total sampling rate by country and what percentage of the samples from each country are positive for the given haplogroup.

New Geocodes

US-UM United States (United States Minor Outlying Islands) E-Y25286*
JM-07 Jamaica (Trelawny) E-Y169003
GB-NGM United Kingdom (Nottingham) I-Y230819*
IT-LC Italy (Lecco) J-Y15245*
MY-07 Malaysia (Pulau Pinang) O-Y126106
VN-55 Vietnam (Bạc Liêu) O-Y203357*
KR-49 Korea, South (Jejudo) O-Y203357*
AF-KNR Afghanistan (Kunar) R-FT414885
GB-LCE United Kingdom (Leicester) R-Y7624*
These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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