STR Match Finder is a free service, and always will be, but for $40 I will use it to search for your deep matches for you.


Since 2018 I have been developing scripts in Python to find matches for those who have no matches, or only 12-STR matches which are unreliable, from the FTDNA matching interface.

This work culminated with the release of STR Match Finder in March 2019. It allows match finding between public FTDNA and YSEQ projects.

How it Works

Matches are displayed in ranked order of genetic distance with rare STR values shown in shades of red.

This 19/67 distant match I found was confirmed by SNP testing. Name and haplogroups changed to protect privacy.

Any match that I find compelling on the basis of shared rare values I will highlight in yellow.

Any of these distant STR matches needs to be confirmed by SNP testing, which is more reliable.

I will provide the screenshot showing matches, their ids, names (if public) and recommendations on how to confirm each match.

What to Expect

It is usually possible to find some rare STRs in common between men who have tested 67 or 111 STRs and are related to a common ancestor who lived up to 2000 years ago.

It is possible that there are no compelling matches on the basis of STRs. This could mean that your lineage descends from a man who had siblings several thousand years ago with surviving descendants, but that your lineage did not further split into multiple lines that have survived to this day. However, in many cases it means that your closer relatives have simply not tested yet.

Because STRs are not completely reliable, it is possible that potential deep matches I have found are invalidated by SNP testing. This is less likely to happen with those who have tested more STRs and whose matches contain more rare shared values and for which there are more men sharing these values.

How to Order

I can only perform this service if you direct me to a public FTDNA project containing your haplogroup.

You must provide me your STRs in one of three formats:

1) Your ID number if you are in the project you sent me

2) YSEQ results format

3) YFull STR download (csv)

If you can provide this information, then for $40 I will attempt to find your distant matches.