Get your ancestors "On the Map"

As our knowledge of your terminal clade, and all prior clades back to "Adam" in Africa, changes over time, your entire migration will be updated automatically, once every two months.


Provide your SNP and the birth year and location of your known paternal line ancestor(s)

You get:

  • Your migration animation extended from your SNP's computed origin through your ancestors' known birthplaces
  • Regularly updated migration route as new data from your haplogroup comes in to YFull or the algorithm is improved
  • Your sample added to the data to make the computed origin of your SNP more reliable

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By submitting you consent to the information provided above, your Surname, Surname or Clan Description and SNP to be added to a public surname migration lookup.

Ex. To add yourself as the Pennsylvania branch of the Adams clan:

Surname: Adams
Surname or Clan Description: Pennsylvania, Mortimer Adams b. 1604
SNP: R-A4482

Contact me by email to remove your entry. If your surname remains in the lookup, it is because additional people from your surname have contacted me to include it.