Your STRs contain a treasure trove of information waiting to be unlocked!

I offer consulting services for $50 per hour to advance your Y-DNA research goals.

My expertise is in the interpretation of Y-DNA, not in traditional genealogical records. You do your genealogy paper work and I can tell you how each individual/branch is actually related from the Y-DNA. Then I can give you an idea of the true geographic origin / surname of founder and which lines might be NPEs based on the circumstantial evidence.

Common individual research goals include:

  • Learning more about how to make use of STRs and SNPs
  • Determining who among your STR matches are your closer relatives
  • Resolving Paternity - Making use of all possible clues in your STR matches
  • Geographic origins of your more distant ancestors
  • Breaking bottlenecks by identifying potential relatives on the basis of sharing rare STR alleles
  • Recruiting new testers matching your surname and geographic origins

I also have experience making use of autosomal matches within GEDmatch to find relatives in common between two men. As an example case, I was able to determine which of two men's conflicting male line paper trails was valid because their shared match's paper trail went back even further.

For those interested in understanding the relationships between a large group of men, I can create a tree showing branches defined by SNPs and STR allele(s) that we may practically assume were inherited by a common ancestor.

Tree showing how men in J2b-L283>FT103684 are related to one another on the basis of branching points defined by SNPs and STR alleles.

Please Note: DNA reveals the truth about how we are related to one another. You must have an open mind to see where your genetic result and matches lead. Remember, you are paying me for my consultation. I cannot and will not provide proof of what you want to be true if I do not believe that the circumstantial evidence supports it.

Contact me by email hunter provyn at gmail dot com