PhyloGeographer is a data-driven method for objectively computing migration paths of paternal lineages.

The algorithm takes YFull samples and tree as input, along with additional modern and ancient samples from each haplogroup.

What it Does Now

  • Computes migration paths of Y haplogroups from a set of geolocated samples
  • Overlays computed migration on top of a map of Archaeological Horizons
  • Incorporates ancient DNA samples from most haplogroups, which are weighted more by the algorithm
  • Regularly updated from YFull's tree to stay current

"Adam" Project

Future Goals

It is my passion to work on this project, but I cannot continue unsupported indefinitely. I am looking for academic partners / donors to help fund me to accomplish the following goals:

  • Improve algorithm to work across International Date Line to  compute migrations of haplogroup Q (May 2019)
  • Find academic partner to collaborate with to expand Archaeological Horizons (May 2019)
  • Use topographical data to make migration paths avoid impassable mountains - implement A* pathing algorithm for this (May 2019)
  • Identify times and places of co-migrations, when multiple groups may have migrated together (June 2019)

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Haplogroup project administrators have access to increasingly more and better data.

The dynamic and growing nature of the data set demands a dynamic, scalable, data-driven approach.

PhyloGeographer gives them an objective way to compute migration paths and share them with project members.