Phylogeographer Updated to YFull v8.01.00

15 New Geographic Codes Added

  • RS [05, 15] - Zaječarski okrug, Zapadnobački okrug
  • HKG Hong Kong
  • SC-KCB Kircudbrightshire
  • IS-07 Austurland
  • AZ-YAR Yardimli, Azerbaijan
  • EG [FYM,BH,DK,GH,ALX,GZ,MNF,KB,WAD] - Fayyum, Al Buhayrah, Daqaliya, Al Gharbiya, Alexandria, Al Jizah (this has a weird shape), Minufiya,Al Qalyūbīyah,Al Wādī al Jadīd

Corrected Codes

  • SA[01,08,09] - Riyadh, Northern Borders, Jizan
  • Oman slight improvement (more central location)

Ground Truth Optimization - Phase 1

  • Seven lineage MRCA birthplaces chosen as initial ground truth
  • Several factors in the algorithm were optimized to minimize total deviation from these ground truth locations

In Progress

Collection of additional "Ground Truth" to be used to optimize path calculating algorithm parameter selection.

Contact me to recommend a lineage to have an approximate computed latitude longitude, based on geolocated YFull and other ancient samples in the system.

To Do

  • Additional refactoring / simplification of algorithm necessary to make the most out of this optimization
  • Warnings when viewing migration which deviates significantly from ground truth
  • Filter out multiple samples for same person based on information tags
  • Comigrations

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These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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