Progress is sometimes cyclical.

I've taken the advice of several active and prominent haplogroup researchers to start from ground zero again with my ancient Y-DNA collection, due to a number of errors found in our primary source.

I don't believe the errors were intentional, yet reflect not being an expert in the particular haplogroup or having analyzed the BAM himself.

I have developed a collaboration system (not Google Drive) to finally achieve the goal of giving haplogroup researchers complete ownership of their haplogroup's data while maintaining enough control to avoid many kinds of costly errors which would waste our valuable volunteer research time.

Some important features:

1. Strict data validation

Only existing YFull branch nomenclature accepted.

2. Good oversight


3. Tree-Level Editing Privileges

Haplogroup researchers can add/edit any record within their area of responsibility.

For example, I could give Chris Rottensteıner (J2 boss) privileges to add/edit samples in all of J2, while Flor Veseli gets J-M102 privileges.

4. Adding Ancient Non-YFull Samples Restricted to Vetted BAM File Analysts

To avoid errors from well-meaning researchers the addition of ancient samples that are not on the YFull tree is restricted to researchers who personally examine BAM files for positives and negative SNPs to compare against the YFull tree.

5. Bulk Import

For the many dedicated and tech-savvy haplogroup admins who have already developed their own sample collection spreadsheets / systems, I have implemented a way to bulk import by copy-pasting into a textarea.


I've developed these tools because your collaboration is necessary to improve the quality of computed theoretical paths.

Contact me for access hunterprovyn at gmail dot com

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