Phylogeographer and Heatmaps updated to YFull v11.02.00

AZ-SAH Azerbaijan (Şahbuz) R-BY127002*
DZ-42 Algeria (Tipaza) E-BY64655*
ET-TI Ethiopia (Tigray) J-L860*
GH-AA Ghana (Greater Accra) E-Z5958
GR-62 Greece (Serres) I-Y253085
IR-11 Iran (Zanjān) R-BY163765
IR-25 Iran (Yazd) R-FT302492
IT-MB Italy (Monza e Brianza) G-FT107148
LC-11 Saint Lucia (Dennery) R-Z17817*
LV-091 Latvia (Siguldas novads) R-YP1024
MA-MMN Morocco (Marrakech-Menara) J-Z447*
MM-16 Myanmar (Burma) (Rakhine) R-Y920*
MX-VER Mexico (Veracruz) Q-CTS2731*
PH-MSR Philippines (Misamis Oriental) R-Z6405*
TR-43 Turkey (Kütahya) G-YP800
US-GU United States (Guam) Q-FT9713
UZ-AN Uzbekistan (Andijon) O-MF14565

Development Notes

Six of the new regions [Tigray, Zanjan, Yazd, Rakhine, Veracruz, Kütahya] were large enough that I had to also enter in their areas, so that heatmaps represent samples appropriately to the most specific level of geographic resolution.

Changes to regional code positions

Bari, Ancona, Pembrokeshire - The previous positions were on the edge of the respective region and on the coast, contributing to inaccuracy by underrepresenting the likely true frequency at their centers and exaggerating the frequency at the edge, which would get less heat from neighboring regions further inland.

Vestfold Norway - By manual check I found the position I had been using was wrong - it was a place in Denmark that had a street named 'Vestfold'. The original position was computed by automated software that sometimes confuses street names with place names. I have been correcting these errors as I see them and people notify me of them.


Use Y Heatmap Alpha or Y Heatmap Classic to generate relative frequency maps for free.

Or I can generate them for you as part my paid consulting work to advance your male line research goals.

For a free quote, contact me by email: hunter provyn at gmail dot com

Haplogroup Research Analytical Suite

I'm putting the final touches on a new set of layers that can optionally be added to the maps.

This new integrated tool combines features from the heatmaps and PhyloGeographer along with new functionality and will be called the HRAS (Haplogroup Research Analytical Suite).

A country statistics layer will indicate the total sampling rate by country and what percentage of the samples from each country are positive for the given haplogroup.

Upstream and downstream migration path layers will indicate centroids of upstream or downstream subclades as calculated by a recursive algorithm similar to PhyloGeographer. The default parameters of this algorithm can be modified by the user.

There will be a feature to compute relative frequency based on modern samples only vs a user-specified ancient time interval.

A diversification-over-time graph will be supported.

I'll give a talk about the new analytical suite at the conference Traces of the past… Genetic and traditional genealogy in archaeological, historical and socio-cultural research in Chorzow, Poland from 14:40-15:10 on Thursday, April 20, 2023.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

1 thought on “Phylogeographer and Heatmaps updated to YFull v11.02.00”

  1. Respected Scholar,

    haplogroup report is as follows.


    So until now,My latest dna haplo group is

    Our traditional family history which is confirmed and accepted is that our great grand ancestor was from TERMEZ UZBEKISTAN.He was famous Naqavi Sayyid,and he had migrated in Islamic Hijri Year 868 corresponding to approximately Christ year 1463 from TERMEZ Uzbekistan and had finally settled at a place called as village Dokoha Sayyidaan Jalandhar East Punjab India.This migration took place approximately 577 years ago.

    I request you to kindly guide me regarding my BIGY700 dna haplogroup that is R1a1-Y920.
    If you know anyone who comes under R-Y920,please inform me.
    I shall always remain extremely grateful to you.


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