HRAS Updated to YFull YTree v11.04

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32 New Regional Codes

AM-AV Armenia (Armavir) J-Y134769
AR-G Argentina (Santiago del Estero) G-Y44432*
AZ-IMI Azerbaijan (İmişli) J-Y153765
BO-H Bolivia (Chuquisaca) R-Y275217
CO-BOY Colombia (Boyacá) E-CTS9507
CO-SAP Colombia (San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina) J-FTA18204*
CO-TOL Colombia (Tolima) R-Y349072
CU-09 Cuba (Camagüey) R-BY20330*
DO-16 Dominican Republic (Pedernales) E-Y108830*
EG-KFS Egypt (Kafr ash Shaykh) J-Y126149*
GB-COV United Kingdom (Coventry) R-A9455*
GB-HMF United Kingdom (Hammersmith and Fulham) R-FT37203*
GB-NTY United Kingdom (North Tyneside) R-Y314357
GB-WLN United Kingdom (West Lothian) R-FGC11792*
GW-OI Guinea-Bissau (Oio) E-Y129814
HR-20 Croatia (Međimurska županija) R-Y23110*
IN-DL India (Delhi) J-Z41084*
IT-VC Italy (Vercelli) R-PF6577*
LV-015 Latvia (Balvu novads) I-Y257628
LY-WA Libya (Al Wāḩāt) J-FT384364
ME-24 Montenegro (Tuzi) E-BY165837*
PE-CAL Peru (El Callao) R-Z216*
PH-ILN Philippines (Ilocos Norte) O-Y239069
SI-001 Slovenia (Ajdovščina) I-Y78980
SI-114 Slovenia (Slovenske Konjice) R-ZP139*
SO-JD Somalia (Jubbada Dhexe) E-FTC83339
SV-SM El Salvador (San Miguel) J-BY22506
TH-56 Thailand (Phayao) O-CTS6489*
TR-09 Turkey (Aydın) J-Y14696*
TR-37 Turkey (Kastamonu) L-FTA69531
TW-CYQ China, Republic of (Taiwan) (Chiayi) O-FT450800
TW-ILA China, Republic of (Taiwan) (Ilan) O-FT323420

3 New Regional Codes for Colombia

2 New Regional Codes for Turkey

The first sample from Kastamonu Province, Turkey descends from a prolific lineage of L known as L-PH438 that appears to have began diversifying in the region around 2800 years ago.

The first sample from Aydın Province, Turkey is basal for 8300 year old J2a-Y14696, a subclade of J2a-L25. That means he is equally distantly related to both child lineages J2a-Y14699 and J2a-F3369.

No New Regional Codes for J2b

This is the first update where I have noticed that J2b doesn’t have a new regional code. Maybe next update we’ll see some new regions represented for this geographically diverse yet originally West Asian haplogroup with oldest ancient samples so far found restricted to the western Zagros Mountains of Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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