Phylogeographer updated to YFull v10.06.00

Y Heatmap - Diversity Map

Y Heatmap - Relative Frequency Map (Classic)

Y Heatmap - Relative Frequency Map (Alpha - NEW)

Theoretical Migration By SNP

YFull World Sampling Rate Interactive Map

39210 unique, geolocated samples

12 New Regional Codes

Sulaymaniyah Governorate was represented on the YFull YTree for the first time in v10.06.

Use Y Heatmap Alpha or Y Heatmap Classic to generate relative frequency maps for free.

Or I can generate them for you as part my paid consulting work to advance your male line research goals.

For a free quote, contact me by email: hunter provyn at gmail dot com

LR-MO E-Z22257
IT-RE E-Y257534
TR-48 J-Z43041*
IN-CH H-Y362742
GB-SHF I-S19763*
GB-GLG I-Y43545
CY-01 J-Y4067
PS-DEB J-BY169448*
IQ-SU J-FGC2861*
AM-AR J-Y259430
ME-19 R-FT36801*
LY-JI R-Y188828
These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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