1. Go to the Mygrations Viewer.
  2. Select your haplogroup project from the drop down.
  3. Crossing Paths Mode
    • Explore all theoretical computed migrations within a time window.
    • Click on the map to filter to only show migrations ending in that region.
  4. My Ancestors' Path Mode
    • Enter the name of your clade (SNP) and click button.
    • See the theoretical computed migration of your ancestors.
    • Red circles show samples positive for terminal subclade.
    • Table shows Archaeological Horizons that Your Ancestors' Path intersected in space and time.
      • Hovering on a row shows the geographical extent of this culture on the map.
      • Your ancestors' theoretical migration within this presumed culture's boundaries during the indicated  time frame is highlighted with yellow arrows.
  5. In both modes you may
    • Hover on a node to see the name of the clade (SNP).
    • Click on a node to add its children to the map.