HRAS Updated to YFull YTree v12.01

47006 unique samples with a paternal ancestor origin

6 New Ancient Samples

825 ancient samples vs 819 from the previous update

Age (ybp)YFull IdHaplogroupHaplogroup RootCountry
The new ancient samples sorted by age
I visited the village next to the Kotias Klde cave site of NEO281, Sveri, last week for Georgian Orthodox Easter. It is where my wife’s male line ancestors, Tsutskiridze, come from. I briefly interviewed my wife’s aunt, Tamriko, about the origins of Tsutskiridze. By the way our Tsutskiridze are neither J2a nor J2b like the ancient samples from Kotias Klde, they are a subclade of the 6000-years-old line of J1-CTS1460 from the Caucasus.

14 New Regional Codes

FR-18 France (Cher) R-Y16018
FR-95 France (Val-d’Oise) R-Z43277
HR-10 Croatia (Virovitičko-podravska županija) E-Y160784
ID-BT Indonesia (Banten) R-Y61371
IS-1 Iceland (Höfuðborgarsvæðið) I-FT62329
LV-040 Latvia (Jaunpils novads) N-FTE39141
LV-044 Latvia (Kārsavas novads) N-A11470
LV-090 Latvia (Sējas novads) I-Y18386
MA-KEN Morocco (Kénitra) J-Y482242
MX-MOR Mexico (Morelos) Q-Y10781
NL-FL Netherlands (Flevoland) R-Y418540
RO-TL Romania (Tulcea) E-Y218381
UY-CA Uruguay (Canelones) G-L830
UY-FD Uruguay (Florida) R-Y146438*

Recent Software Updates to HRAS

HRAS Migration Path Calculating Algorithm Fixed and Improved

HRAS Improvement: Optimized Default Relative Frequency Scaling

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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