HRAS Bug Fix (+ Happy Year of the Loong): China and Chile assigned to wrong continent exclusion group

While examining the relative frequency and theoretical computed origin of R1b-V1636 (TMRCA 6600 ybp in Central Asia), I came across a small bug caused by a typo in my code.

I had accidentally mixed-up China (CHN) with Chile (CHL) in the code that excludes all countries from a continent or region in the migration path calculation.

So previously, clicking “Americas” under “Manage Outliers” was also excluding samples from China. This is now fixed in the javascript so you may need to clear cache in your browser to get the corrected version.

Year of the Loong

By the way, happy Year of the Loong! China has decided this year that the English word for the Chinese dragon should be the Chinese word for dragon, “loong”, because this dragon is very different from the common western conception of a dragon.

More substantive improvements are planned for 2024, probably starting with display of TMRCA in some clear and unobtrusive way on the map. TMRCA is, after all, of utmost importance for understanding the historical implications of a haplogroup’s distribution.

In fact, if one were always required to mention the TMRCA of a haplogroup after every mention of a haplogroup in one’s theory/claim, the overly-broad-verging-on-meaningless theories/claims would be immediately exposed as such.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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