Beat the Y-DNA Learning Curve

If you are simply trying to understand your results and are new to Y-DNA, do not be intimidated by the haplogroup codes and terminology.

To stymie the flood of people who test Y-DNA and give up pursuing their research, I've created a set of short (10-30 min each), practical tutorials.

There are only two types of Y-DNA you need to roughly understand (Tutorial Part 3 below).

You don't need to know any of the haplogroup codes by heart, except maybe one or two that apply to you. You can always just look up any code you want on the YFull tree. At the top of the screen you can see the 'breadcrumbs' including the major, single-letter haplogroup code that the lineage descends from.

YouTube Tutorials

Got 10-30 minutes? Click to watch!

Part 1

You may be surprised to learn some of the practical benefits of Y-DNA testing

Part 2

Practical advice for learning about your haplogroup's origins from an unbiased source - your own reasoning.

Part 3

Introductory overview of some of the most important concepts in Y-DNA, STRs and SNPs, and practical advice for understanding your Y-DNA results.

Part 4

Determining Who Are Closer Relatives Using Shared Rare STR Alleles



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