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14 New Regional Codes

AF-GHO Afghanistan (Ghōr) J-Y213190*
AZ-AGS Azerbaijan (Ağdaş) J-ZS1820*
CO-MET Colombia (Meta) E-Y328786
ET-AA Ethiopia (Ādīs Ābeba) E-Y5874*
GR-83 Greece (Lesvos) E-Y18358*
HU-EG Hungary (Eger) J-FT144865*
LY-NQ Libya (An Nuqaţ al Khams) J-Y466247
MA-KHN Morocco (Khenifra) E-Y211385
MK-307 Macedonia (Кичево) J-Y146109
MR-07 Mauritania (Adrar) E-Y215100
MT-41 Malta (Pietà) T-Y29990*
SD-25 Sudan (Sinnār) J-BY2*
TR-02 Turkey (Adıyaman) R-BY185348*
TR-20 Turkey (Denizli) R-Y2902*

Recent Software Updates to HRAS

HRAS, developed in collaboration with Thomas Krahn, is my magnum opus (so far) and will continue to see improvements and new features. By the way, Thomas’ DNA-testing company, YSEQ, recently celebrated 10 years of doing business. To celebrate, YSEQ is offering some discounts on selected products.

11/21/2023 Research Articles

The biggest recent improvement is the ability to see a list of Research Articles, really any kind of resources submitted by the HRASi community that they deem relevant for the subclade you have queried (or one upstream or downstream).

11/24/2023 Include/Exclude Countries by Continent or Group

This is a quality of life improvement that makes it much easier to exclude all samples from entire continents / regions of the world as outliers in the eyes of HRAS’ theoretical approximate migration path computation algorithm (modeled after PhyloGeographer).

18% of YFull Samples from Sudan are J1-BY2

J1-BY2 relative frequency computed by HRAS using YFull v11.05 samples

J1-BY2 has a somewhat recent TMRCA at 1600 ybp (years before present). However, in this relatively short time, it has grown to represent 18% of all samples from Sudan (16/87). While it is also found outside of Sudan, its most prolific child line, J1-BY3 is found only in men tracing their male lines to Sudan. J1-BY3 has a TMRCA of 1450 ybp.

Two of J1-BY2’s most prolific siblings are also found in Africa, but they peak in the Maghreb. J1-Y9272 with peaks in Morocco and Algeria and J1-Y5323 with peak in Libya.

J1-Y9272 relative frequency computed by HRAS using YFull v11.05. The distribution in the western Maghreb is actually all due to single subclade J1-ZS4753 with TMRCA 1400 ybp.
J1-Y5323 relative frequency computed by HRAS using YFull v11.05

I’m not a subject matter expert on the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb or the Islamization of Sudan but I would expect that these lines were among those that successfully migrated to these regions from an ultimate homeland in the Arabian Peninsula.

One example that strongly corroborates the Arabian deeper origin and the timing of the Muslim conquest of the Maghreb is the subclade J1-Y9272>Y10966>ZS4753. His four sibling lines, the other children of J1-Y10966, all stayed in the Arabian Peninsula while this line with TMRCA 1400 ybp is only found in the western Maghreb.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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