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This tool is solely intended to assist you in finding matches.
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This script allows you to find STR matches within public FTDNA projects.

Developed by Hunter Provyn with input and support from YSEQ / Thomas Krahn.

1. Load Project Samples

Load multiple FTDNA projects, multiple YSEQ projects and multiple YFULL samples
Loading an FTDNA project deletes previously loaded YSEQ projects


You will need to open it in your browser, right click “View Source”, select all (ctrl a), and copy paste (ctrl c), (ctrl v) into the field below.

Tip: For projects displayed over multiple pages, increase the page size to 1000 or 5000 or whatever is necessary to load them all at once.

If the project is in an unsupported format, you can alternatively copy paste the table from your browser, starting at the top-left cell and concluding with the bottom-right cell.



2. Query

The following formats are supported

  • Kit Number (prepend YSEQ samples with “YSEQ”)
  • STR label-value pairs (separated by space): DYS385 12-13 DYS393 15
  • STR values (separated by tab): 12 13 14-14 (useful for copying STR values from a row of an FTDNA project table)
  • YFull semicolon separated STR format: DYS578;8;DYF395.1;15;DYF395.2

Matches are ranked according to the log sum of their deviating mutations, weighted by each STR’s mutation rate (thanks David Vance for mutation rates).
For matching alleles, a color code shows the in-project rarity for the shared value.