Phylogeographer updated to YFull v9.05.00

Y Heatmap - Diversity Map (new feature: animation)

Y Heatmap - Relative Frequency Map

Theoretical Migration By SNP

YFull World Sampling Rate Interactive Map

33984 samples

47 New Regional Codes Represented

Argentina (Mendoza) AR-M
Azerbaijan (Däväçi) AZ-DAV
Bangladesh (Chittagong) BD-10
Bangladesh (Dhaka) BD-13
Bangladesh (Pabna) BD-49
Brazil (Mato Grosso do Sul) BR-MS
Brazil (Sergipe) BR-SE
Costa Rica (Alajuela) CR-A
Algeria (Mila) DZ-43
Algeria (Naama) DZ-45
Ecuador (Loja) EC-L
Egypt (Luxor) EG-LX
Spain (Cuenca) ES-CU
France (Gard) FR-30
France (Saône-et-Loire) FR-71
France (Territoire de Belfort) FR-90
United Kingdom (England and Wales) GB-EAW
United Kingdom (Portsmouth) GB-POR
United Kingdom (Vale of Glamorgan The; Bro Morgannwg) GB-VGL
Hungary (Hajdú-Bihar) HU-HB
Hungary (Kecskemét) HU-KM
Hungary (Szekszárd) HU-SS
Iran (Markazī) IR-22
Italy (Forlì-Cesena) IT-FC
Italy (Pesaro e Urbino) IT-PU
Italy (Ravenna) IT-RA
Korea South (Gangweondo) KR-42
Luxembourg (Grevenmacher) LU-G
Latvia (Aknīstes novads) LV-004
Libya (Wādī al Ḩayāt) LY-WD
Morocco (Chefchaouen) MA-CHE
Morocco (Nador) MA-NAD
Moldova (Soroca) MD-SO
Macedonia (Тетово) MK-609
Mongolia (Ulanbaatar) MN-1
Mexico (Baja California Sur) MX-BCS
Nigeria (Imo) NG-IM
New Zealand (Bay of Plenty) NZ-BOP
New Zealand (Nelson City) NZ-NSN
Romania (Ilfov) RO-IF
Scotland (Cromarty) SC-CTY
Chad (Kānim) TD-KA
Tunisia (Gafsa) TN-71
Turkey (Ankara) TR-06
Turkey (Zonguldak) TR-67
China Republic of (Taiwan) (Tainan) TW-TNQ
Vietnam (Thừa Thiên-Huế) VN-26

Region Areas added

  • Mexico
  • Iran

This will result in samples from larger regions getting a greater radius of lower intensity, proportional to their area.

Minor Adjustments to Coordinates

  • GBR - I moved it from 55.378, -3.436 (Moffat) to 54.310, -2.937 (Windermere). The old location was just too far north from a central location representing all of the UK. I hope the new location is more acceptable.
  • IR-09 Khorosan - I didn't realize that this was an older province that was split into the three current provinces South Khorosan, North Khorosan and Razavi Khorosan. I changed the coordinates to a central location representing all three provinces.

England and Wales

For the first time someone picked the regional code GB-EAW.

This means England and Wales. It has significance legally as any company located within this area has the same legal system. Anyone using this code to represent their paternal origins will have a point centered at 52.867, -2.211 which happens to be Chebsey, Stafford.

Y Heatmap will treat a sample using this less precise regional code by giving it less intensity and larger radius, commensurate with the combined area of England and Wales.

Diversity Heatmap - Animation

There is a new animation function. Hit the play button to see an animation that gradually increases the intensity from the default.

Note that the default intensity displayed after keying in the subclade is lower overall than how it looked last month. I did this so that the Animation function would be able to span a greater range of relative diversity, starting from the first areas that exhibit peaks in diversity.

Diversity Heatmap - Incomplete Basal Sample Improved Handling

Samples whose exact position on the YFull tree cannot be determined are marked on the tree with an "i". In the Beta version of Diversity Heatmap these samples were treated as being basal for the position shown on the tree. But they are not definitively known to be basal and some could be any number of more recently formed subclades.

Now Diversity Heatmap treats such samples according to the likelihood that they could be one or the other subclade, based on the number of confirmed independent sibling lines of each possible subclade.

Diversity Map FAQ with Details on this new feature

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