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I added some brief observations for some of the samples I found interesting based on their geography and placement on the tree.

I don't know about the corpus of all people who have tested in each of these lineages, I'm just going by the samples I see on the YFull tree.

Someone may come to a different conclusion than me based on their interpretation of the samples on YFull or knowing about some other samples / studies. And it is possible they could be right and I am wrong!

AR-C Buenos Aires city, Argentina
AU-NT Northern Territory, Australia
AZ-AGC Ağcabədi
AZ-DAS Daşkəsən, Azerbaijan J-FT156609 5600 ybp Anatolia
BD-47 Noakhali, Bangladesh
BO-L Lapaz, Bolivia
CA-AB Alberta, Canada
DZ-13 Tlemcen, Algeria
EC-M Manabi, Ecuador O-CTS800 Closest relatives to this line are from China and he splits a 9000 year TMRCA branch. If he isn't a recent immigrant he could be the first indigenous American O to my knowledge
ES-SG Segovia, Spain
FR-12 Aveyron, France J-Y28259 Siblings associated with Neolithic Europe
FR-34 Herault, France
GB-DAL Darlington, England
GB-OLD Oldham, England
GE-SJ Samtskhe-Javakheti, Georgia G-Y47534 Looks like an ancient line from the Caucasus, as you go up the tree you see it found in so many different modern ethnic groups but similar geography
GR-85 Chios, Greece R-Y126039 Deeper ancestry looks related to Albania/Albanians back to the Iron Age based on high diversity upstream
HR-19 Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Croatia
IT-AT Asti, Italy
IT-PN Pordenone, Italy
IT-SS Sassari, Italy
JM-14 Saint Catherine, Jamaica
JO-AZ Zarqa Governorate, Jordan
KR-43 Chungcheongbukdo, South Korea
MA-SAF Safi, Morocco
MD-RI Rîșcani, Moldova
ML-6 Tombouctou, Mali
MX-BCN Baja California, Mexico
PH-NEC Negros Occidental, Philippines
SG-02 Northeast Singapore
SI-035 Hrpelje-Kozina, Slovenia
SI-061 Ljubljana, Slovenia
SO-GE Gedo, Somalia
SO-NU Nugaal, Somalia

Note: Both new regional codes in Turkey appear to not derive from Asiatic Turks.

TR-23 Elazığ, Turkey G-L645 This sample is Armenian, the lineage looks like old Anatolia
TR-41 Kocaeli, Turkey R-YP1013 This sample's ancestors look to have been Slavs or a people living near their homeland 2000 years ago and mixed with them

TW-TPQ Taipei, Taiwan
US Hawaii, Idaho, North Dakota, Virgin Islands
ZW-MI Midlands, Zimbabwe

Minor Adjustments to Coordinates

Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Yunnan

Corrections to Coordinates

Shanxi, Ningxia, Qinghai

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