Phylogeographer updated to YFull v9.01.00

Theoretical Migration By SNP
Y Heatmap Relative Frequency Map of Male Lineages

YFull World Sampling Rate Interactive Map

28 New Regional Codes Represented

Albania - Fier
Azerbaijan - Abşeron, Barda, Sabirabad
Belgium - Walloon Brabant
Bulgaria - Yambol
Chile - Atacama
Algeria - Mostaganem
Egypt - Alexandria
France - Pyrénées-Orientales
England - Great Britain
Greece - Halkidiki, Irakleio
Iran - Qom
Korea - Gyeongsangbukdo
Latvia - Valka
Libya - Murzuq
Morocco - Essaouira
Montenegro - Ulcinj
North Macedonia - Prilep
Qatar - Al Ghuwayriyah
Romania - Hunedoara
Slovenia - Tolmin, Cerknica
Tunisia - Zaghouan, Kairouan
Turkey - Çanakkale, Şırnak
Taiwan - Yunlin

Corrected Four Regional Code Coordinates

Al Farwaniyah, Kuwait
Gyeonggido, Korea
Jabal al Gharbi + Murqub, Libya

New Features

  • Fixed the issue with homologous SNPs having retained YFull's "(H)" suffix in the SNP name in Y Heatmap clade lookup. Now these suffixes are stripped.
  • Ages from YFull's ancient samples now used in PhyloGeographer's theoretical migration path calculator
    • 461 geolocated ancient samples have ages
    • 24 do not yet have ages associated with them - some maybe new but some have been up there a while [HistAndaman, SHG003, SRS6609010, FN2, SFI-39, SRS6609008, RISE602, ERS2540883, KNN001, ZAY001, NOM001, BUR003, CHN008, SRS6609007, SRS6609011, MH8, ERS2897884, ERS2897881, RISE601, AF2, CHN016, SRS6609009, ALH-1, SRS6609012]
These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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