Phylogeographer updated to YFull v8.09.00

Of 26549 total samples on YFull, 20603 geolocated and in PhyloGeographer.



YFull World Sampling Rate Map

Belgium still lags as one of the lowest sample rates in Europe, ahead of only Romania, Moldova and Kosovo. But it isn't much behind neighbors Germany and France.

It's worth noting that Italy's higher than average sample rate is due to the extremely higher than average sampling on Sardinia. Otherwise it would be below average. I will work on a regional-level visualization.

Note this is calculation is just the YFull sample count divided by 1960 country populations and is not affected by diaspora effects.

It's worth noting that the entire Middle East is sampled above average except for periphery regions of Turkey, Iran and Egypt.

New Ancient Samples

Many new ancient samples have been added this update. Ten have been added in J-L283 alone.

There are a total of 172 ancient samples which I have tagged with sample age and a location. This information isn't on the YFull tree and researchers must add this manually. If yours is missing let me know.

I have relied on haplogroup researchers to tell me the YFull codes of the ancient samples in their haplogroup, how old the sample is and where it traces descent.

See the samples I have here -

In the future it looks like I'll be able to get the sample ages directly from YFull. This is a great development!

27 New Regional Codes

Four countries have their first regional code on the YFull tree. Congratulations Djiboutians, Greenlanders, Trinis and Samoans!

  • AF-BAL Balkh, Afghanistan
  • AF-BAM Bamian, Afghanistan
  • AF-JOW Jowzjan, Afghanistan
  • AF-KDZ Kunduz, Afghanistan
  • CL-VS Valparaiso, Chile
  • CO-COR Cordoba, Columbia
  • DZ-02 Chlef, Algeria
  • FR-80 Somme, France
  • GL-KU Kommune Kujalleq, Greenland (FIRST GREENLAND REGIONAL CODE)
  • IS-4 Vestfirðir, Iceland
  • IS-5 Norðurland vestra, Iceland
  • IT-FG Foggia, Italy
  • IT-LT Latina, Italy
  • LV-008 Amatas Novads, Latvia
  • LV-089 Saulkrastu Novads, Latvia
  • LY-NL Nalut, Libya
  • MA-MED Mediouna, Morocco
  • MA-OUA Ouarzazate, Morocco
  • MK-GV Gevgelija, Macedonia
  • PH-01 Ilocos, Philippines
  • TR-10 Balıkesir, Turkey
  • TR-12 Bingöl, Turkey
  • TR-22 Edirne, Turkey
  • TT-WTO Western Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago (FIRST TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO REGIONAL CODE)
  • WS-GI Gagaifomauga, Samoa (FIRST SAMOA REGIONAL CODE)
  • ZA-FS Free State, South Africa

Biggest Tongue Twister

Tie between Ouarzazate and Gagaifomauga

Theoretical Migration by SNP Lookup

Advance Your Research

Get the most out of your WGS or Big Y test by having it analyzed on the YFull tree.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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