Phylogeographer updated to YFull v10.02.00

Y Heatmap - Diversity Map

Y Heatmap - Relative Frequency Map

Theoretical Migration By SNP

YFull World Sampling Rate Interactive Map

6 New Regional Codes

There may actually be more new regional codes represented in the YTree than this, because I added around 200 new regional codes only found on the MTree to my geocodes database last month.

M Heatmap development nearing completion

Y Heatmap will be updated with a more accurate calculation at the same time as M Heatmap is introduced (or in following update), planned for next YFull version.

The more accurate calculation comes as a result of dividing two absolute frequency surfaces by one another.

The current (old) method I have been using approximates relative frequency by weighting samples according to sample rate of the center that, according to the heatmap.js plugin, then had to be equally distributed in each direction from the center.

The reality is that each point doesn't automatically translate into a relative frequency triangularly distributed equally in each direction away from the center - it varies depending on absolute sample rate in each direction.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

5 thoughts on “Phylogeographer updated to YFull v10.02.00”

    1. Hi Michael,

      Sorry for the late approval of your post.

      You can check out Y Heatmap for this lineage. The samples are very scattered throughout Europe so the heatmap does not show an obvious origin.

      If you go one branch up you see that sibling R-Y14105 has most diversity in or near France. As this is an undersampled country, maybe if more people in France test, you may find more R-S19290 there as well.


    1. You can hire me for an analysis of your lineage. I research my own haplogroup for free and I do the occasional article on major haplogroups to raise awareness of my consulting.

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