Scottish Russians R-Y17690

R-DF13 seems to have originated in England around 2100 BC.

YFull v7.05.00 R-A2072

So how did these men in R-Y17690, whose ancestors had been living in the British Isles since 2100 BC, get to Russia?

A number of Scots migrated to Russia as mercenaries, primarily during the early-17th-century Polish–Muscovite War (1605–18), Ingrian War (1610–1617) and Thirty Years' War (1618–1648). Others may have migrated for economic reasons.

The Wikipedia article Scottish Russians contains too many families to mention here. Here is an informative example of the process of Russification for one group of mercenaries.

"During the Polish–Russian War (1605–18), a regiment originally under the command of William Grim and later under Captain (Rittmeister) Jacob Shaw was in the service of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. During the 1614 siege of the fortress of Bely the regiment switched sides, surrendered the fortress and joined Russia's military forces. It was raised in Scotland, and a company was raised in Ireland. The regiment participated in several Russo-Crimean Wars against the Crimean–Nogai raids. Beginning in 1626, foreign mercenaries were identified by their Russian names and (after converting to Orthodox Christianity) typically received land, serfs, money and clothing. "

Some of the living descendants are aware of their Scottish heritage through family oral history.

Mikhail – head of the proud Lermontov family today – christening his new Lermontov kilt at the ‘clan’ gathering in the family dascha near Moscow. Image courtesy of Tartan Ambassador

I was unable to find any other Russian R1b with likely origin in the British Isles. However I did find an English lineage of I1 with a Russian subclade whose estimated most recent common ancestor lived 1400 AD, close in time to the historical migrations described above.

They live in Altai Krai, on the border of Kazakhstan and not far from China.

Not any Scottish flags here and very few in related lineages. YFull v7.05.00 - I-S14887

If you know anything about these people, or are one of them yourself, feel free to comment.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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  1. Very interesting research. I’m wondering if my info will be helpful to you and/or you would be able to provide me with some insight into my family history. My father’s Y DNA is Z253 and has been recognized by FTDNA McClure group as an NPE along with 4 other men. His papertrail surname is Ruden. His paternal family tree is in the American Jewish Archives and goes back to a Jewish man born in Frankfurt am Mein, Germany in 1710. The marriages, mainly with Sephardic Jews includes a Souza (my 5th great grandfather) with a Cerf woman from Russia. The Souza family was living in Bayonne, France. Thank you.

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