Find postcards written to/from your ancestors on EphemeraSearch

Search public paper trails and try to recruit testers (podcast explains how) with your surname on WikiTree


Upload your autosomal DNA to GEDmatch to find relatives using powerful matching tools like Segment Search

Upload your Y and mtDNA to mitoYDNA to find additional / more distant matches you otherwise wouldn't see


Test your DNA where I test mine, at YSEQ (new affordable WGS400 product!)

YSEQ has supported development of the Y Heatmap Frequency Heatmap, Diversity Heatmap and some of the recent improvements to the STR Match Finder tool that researchers of all haplogroups are using to break bottlenecks to advance their research.

WGS400/WGS/Big Y Analysis

Advance your research goals and contribute to the public research into your male and female lines by having your WGS400 / other WGS / Big Y result file analyzed by YFull and added to their YTree.


Consulting main page on PhyloGeographer

The author of this website and creator of PhyloGeographer, Y Heatmap, STR Match Finder and CladeFinder tools has the skill set to help you make sense of your Y-DNA result, matches and advance your research goals.

To get started just send him an email at hunterprovyn at gmail dot com


My wife's sister makes stylish kimonos.


I use Printify to design coffee mugs with my haplogroup's heatmaps on them. I send these to people who have contributed a lot to our haplogroup research, to say thanks and keep them engaged. However Printify is really designed for you to sell items to others.

If you create an account using the link, I'll get a small commission on orders that will help me keep the lights on.