J-L283 Research Fund

I'm starting a fund for J-L283 testing and analysis.

Donate to J-L283 Haplogroup Research Fund

The goal is to contribute to public research by getting NGS/WGS tests and YFull analysis for samples:

  • From underrepresented regions
  • Likely to split the oldest haplogroups

We hope that this will help us to answer some of the following questions:

  • From where did our male line ancestors migrate to Europe?
  • By which approximate route did they enter Europe?
  • Can we approximately estimate where the ancestors of the various lineages which formed before 2400 BC were living?

    Visualization of ancient samples with modern samples and theoretical approximate clade origins computed by PhyloGeographer in January 2020. Extensive testing of targeted regions/branch members should result in more specific and reliable theories and representative visualizations.


I will use the fund to purchase tests at my discretion, with input from Flor Veseli of J-M241 Haplogroup Research Project and other researchers who would like to make suggestions.

The goal will be to get a NGS/WGS test, followed by YFull analysis, for each sample that looks likely to contribute to our goals.

To help make this determination I may in some cases purchase a SNP test and in rarer cases, a SNP panel or STR test.

Later this year, YSEQ intends to offer a NGS test similar to the Big Y product, but more competitively priced. This would be by far the cheapest option, considering our goal is to do the YFull analysis of our samples and that FTDNA charges $99 to download BAM files required for the most accurate YFull analysis - YSEQ does not charge such a fee.

Another advantage of testing with YSEQ is that YFull is currently working on augmenting their samples with SNPs that their customers have tested at YSEQ. In case some SNPs are no call, YSEQ will be able to test individual SNPs for just $18 and YFull will automatically adjust a sample's position on the tree accordingly.

In case the YSEQ Y chromosome product does not come to pass, I will evaluate the best alternatives on the market for NGS/WGS testing and taking BAM download fees into account.

The YFull analysis will cost $49 per sample but soon I'll have enough samples such that we will get a discounted rate of $45.

Anyone interested in contributing matching funds, please let me know how much you will match, for minimum donations of what size, and for how many donations you will contribute.

Donate to J-L283 Haplogroup Research Fund


4/24/2020 - First Test Ordered!

I've contacted about a dozen men from Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, an Iraqi from Mosul, and a Karachay.

So far one person has responded and consented to further testing.

In coordination with Karachay-Balkar DNA Project we've ordered the first test.

We're testing 291851 for the L283 SNP who traces descent to the village of Kamennomostskiy, Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia.


If positive he'll be a candidate for NGS testing with project funds. His only exact 12 marker matches are three men of English descent predicted to be J-Y23094. His GD 1/12 matches are J-YP91*, J-Z615* and a Pole in J2a-L26>L24>L254.

4/27/2020 - Second Test Ordered

It is a man tracing descent to Vinnytsia, Ukraine and who is very likely to be J-L283>YP91>YP61 or nearby.

Interestingly this area was once part of the Polish-Lithuania Commonwealth.

Initially just testing him for YP61 branch. Once we get enough donations, he'll be on the list for an NGS test.

While the MRCA of YP61 lived only 1200 BC, I think this man is a priority to test because:

1) He may end up splitting YP61 to an earlier date
2) There are yet so few samples in YP91, the oldest paraclade of J-L283, that any substructure helps to illuminate its ancient past

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

2 thoughts on “J-L283 Research Fund”

  1. I am from the Bulgarian Project on Family Tree Dna, it would be nice to test somebody from our Project. Good luck with the research

    1. Hi Y. L. Angelov,
      Feel free to contact me by email if you have any new sample you would like us to consider sponsoring. We did sponsor a guy from Gabrovo, Bulgaria before who ended up J-Z8429>Y12007.

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