Z1043 Reunion 2019 in Hochdorf, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Where   Hochdorf (near Stuttgart)
When    Friday, October 11 to Sunday, October 13 2019
Who       Your male line relatives, descended from Z1043 who lived 800 BC

Me and a Celt drinking mead at Celtoi 2017, Ringwall Otzenhausen

Toast our ancestors at the Hochdorf Chieftain's Grave

Hear latest theories about the Z1043 founder who lived 800 BC and his subsequent lineages from the project administrator and possibly other researchers

Spend two nights in the quaint village of Hochdorf Why here?

Guided tour of museum (English) and picnic

An evening at the Cannstatter Volksfest (aka "Stuttgart Beer Festival") inside Grandl's Hofbräu tent

Celtic Chieftain's Grave at Hochdorf. We will drink mead and toast our ancestors here after meeting at Adler Gaestehaus on Friday evening

A man, roughly 40 years of age and 6 ft 2 in (187 cm) tall, was laid out on an exceptionally richly decorated 9 ft (275 cm) bronze recliner with eight wheels inside the burial chamber. Judging by other objects found there, this man probably had been a Celtic chieftain.

The Hochdorf Chieftain is sometimes referred to as "The man with the golden shoes"

Cannstatter Volksfest is Stuttgart's Oktoberfest, though the reason for the celebration was the first successful harvest after the devastating eruption of Mt Tambora in Indonesia in 1815. Read this girls article about what to expect, though she describes her Oktoberfest experience it will be very similar.

Gästehaus Adler rates: 49 Euro single, 67 double, 77 triple, 87 quad + 6 Euro breakfast if desired


  • 1900 meet at Gästehaus Adler, walk to Celtic grave for toast to our ancestors and proceed to traditional Swabian dinner at Gaststätte Schönbühlhof (2.5 km each way walk)


  • 1000 museum visit followed by picnic
  • 1500 bus to Cannstatter Volksfest beer festival in Stuttgart
  • 2200 bus back (or the time most people wish)

What is not covered?

  • Any transportation to/from Hochdorf other than the shuttle to/from Cannstatter Wasen Saturday night
  • Lodging and breakfast
  • What you order for dinner Friday
  • Your dinner Saturday if you do not join us at the Cannstatter Volksfest

Gästehaus Adler

  • This is the only hotel in Hochdorf but it's luckily very reasonably priced
  • You can contact Brigitte Klug, who speaks English by phone 0049-7042-792255 or email info@adler-hochdorf-enz.de
  • If you want to share a room with 1-3 others I can organize this if each of you pay me your share. If you must cancel you may be able to get a portion of your deposit back less the amount needed to pay the increased per person rate for the other lodgers and according to cancellation policy of the hotel.

Grandl's Hofbräu

  • The reservation covers the cost of three beers and a half chicken whether you consume them or not

    Half chicken
  • Saturday night is booked out for all tents at the Cannstatter Wasen except Grandl's Hofbräu
  • If Saturday night becomes booked before I can make the reservation I will amend the schedule to go to the festival Sunday afternoon or if that fails, Saturday afternoon and visit the museum on Sunday.
  • I thought returning at 2200 would be enough time at the festival (5.5 hours) and not be too late for most people. After you have paid the deposit, please state your preferred time of returning if different.
  • Everyone will need to stay with the party or risk not being able to find the bus when we leave

Register by Aug 31
Option 1:          4 registered
Option 2:  +   2/20 registered

Payment accepted via paypal (please do not select service option)

Option 1 - without Beer Festival and corresponding shuttle

Before Aug 31: €35/$40

After Sept 1: €45/$50

Cancel before August 1 for full refund, before Sept 1 for 50% refund

Option 2 - Complete Package (with Beer Festival and shuttle)
Note: So far, not enough people have signed up for the Beer Festival for me to rent a vehicle or reserve a table. Feel free to sign up for this and I will then either refund you or contact you regarding what the full payment will be once I have enough registrees.

€90/$101 Initial Deposit

Deposit is followed by additional payment if there are less than 20 participants or there is a change in final costs. Cost breakdown

These are current estimates based on an initial quote from City Tours shuttle company given our planned itinerary and are subject to change.

Due to the economy of scale the trip becomes much more affordable with 10 participants.

Because it is expensive for 5 people, if we are unable to get 10 participants I will refund the deposit for anyone who wishes.

Once I have 10, 15 or 20 people I will prepare final arrangements and notify you of the additional payment required.

No refunds possible after this stage

I cannot grant a refund because it will raise the cost for others due to the economy of scale of the shuttle to/from the Volksfest and the strict multiples of five reservation policy at Grandl's tent.

Instead, you will need to find a replacement to reimburse you directly and notify me of their contact info. Of course if I am unable to organize the Cannstatter Volksfest visit then I will refund everything or the difference from Option 1 if you elect to still take part in the rest of the events.

Getting There And Away

Get to Hochdorf an der Enz in under an hour from Stuttgart using public transport. From Stuttgart Hbf (train station) take S6 (Weil der Stadt) or S4 (Marbach) to Zuffenhausen. Walk to Ohmstrasse bus station and take the 502 (Riet Dorfplatz) bus to Hochdorf (E) Rathaus. Adler Gaestehaus is right there.

I will be flying in to Stuttgart but you could also consider regional airports

Frankfurt - 1 train, 1:15 hours
Memmingen - 1-2km walk to city center then 2 trains, 1:40 hours
Munich - bus-train or 2 trains, 3:15 hours
Basel - 3 trains, 3:20 hours

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