New Branch Below J2b-YP153 Discovered Along with Ancient Iron Age Sample

A sample I upgraded to WGS at YSEQ was recently found to share 17 SNPs with an existing sample on the YFull tree that was previously at the position of J2b-YP153*.

The existing sample represents a large cluster of closely related men with surname Bieber and Reile who trace their deeper descent to Alsace.

The new sample, YF108956, is a man who traces his male line to  Josephus Antonious Aloys Baron, an ethnic German born in Opole, Poland (Oppeln) 1777-1849.

Flor Veseli estimates a TMRCA of around 1000 BCE for this newly discovered line, J-FT184881.

Their Closest Relative is Iron Age Croatia I5723

J2b-L283 researcher Flor Veseli found that a sample from the recently released Southern Arc study was positive for one of the SNPs shared by these two men, FT185586.

This sample, dating to about 450 BCE, was found in Sveti Križ (Marija Gorica)

Ancient J-L283 samples map maintained by Flor Veseli.

I5723 is among the more northerly Iron Age ancient samples of J2b-L283 yet found. This is consistent with the more Central European (vs Balkan) distribution of J-YP91.

I find it noteworthy that the most closely related other ancient sample, VPB-307 / ERS9945291, from near Keszthely, Hungary dating to 800 CE was found only about a 180 km walk away from the site of the Iron Age sample.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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