J2b(xM241) Haplogroup Research Project Created

Link to the project on FTDNA – https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/j-2bx-m241/about

This is a partnering sub-project to J2-M172.

There are two major branches in this group:

  • M205 (Middle East and Europe with more likely origin in Middle East)
  • Z2453 (Middle East and Europe with more likely origin in Middle East)

The two minor branches are:

  • M102(xZ534) (Uzbekistan)
  • Z593(xM241) (Scotland)

There are two main goals:

1) Advance research into phylogeny and geographic origins of: J-M205, J-Z2453, J-M102(xZ534) and J-Z593(xM241)

2) Provide assistance to members in interpreting their matches and finding Y-DNA relatives.

The PhyloGeographer algorithm will need some improvements to more accurately make sense of the wide distribution of J-M205 which seems to have originated in the Levant or perhaps eastern Mediterranean.
All J-Z2453 descend from a man who lived 13,400 years ago, likely in or near the Levant or Egypt. The men who went on to become Ashkenazi lineage J-Z42983 split from their currently Qatari siblings Y61187 about 3300 BC. Their common ancestor almost certainly came from the Middle East given that Libyans, a Saudi and an Iraqi are their closest relatives.

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