J-Y22075 Substructure Shows Common Descent of J-Y22059 and J-Y128487

I've noticed that the substructure of J-M205>Y22075 has more detail on the FTDNA haplotree than on YFull.


Specifically, it appears that subclades J-Y128487 (Kars, Saudi/Kuwait/Qatar MRCA 4000 ybp) and J-Y22059 (Balkan MRCA 1000 ybp) actually share two SNPs not present in other sibling lineages.

On the FTDNA haplotree it's called J-FT4244 and consists of FT4244, FT3607.

This relationship may become visible if the man from Palestine who is J-FT27806 does the YFull analysis (and the SNPs are judged stable). His closest relative traces descent to Kars.

If you know who this Palestinian Big Y sample is, please encourage him to do the YFull analysis.

Incidentally, the man of Indian Jewish male descent on YFull tree as J-Y22075* appears (on the FTDNA haplotree) to split the J-Y128487 subclade by being positive for only Y125824.

These posts are the opinion of Hunter Provyn, a haplogroup researcher in J-M241 and J-M102.

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