Because the tree I am using is from YFull, if they remove or rename your terminal clade, you will need to inform me what new clade to use. The first update will be free but additional updates will cost $10 each.

If the TMRCA of your SNP is more recent than your ancestors birth year, the birth year shown in the animation will be adjusted to be after the TMRCA.

If YFull no longer exists or is no longer accessible, there will be no further updates. I cannot promise that I will be able to find or have the resources to use an alternate source.

I reserve the right to remove your sample from the dataset used to compute the origins if I believe you are not of the stated haplogroup. This is my responsibility to the haplogroup research community. In this event you will not get a refund. Your migration path will remain associated with the old SNP unless you provide a new one. Aforementioned updating fee rule applies.

The computed theoretical paths are not my personal opinion. They are the result of an algorithm on a set of data. If you do not like the computed path, I recommend you to not pay for the service.

No Refunds.