Did N-Y7310 Arrive in the Pontic Steppe with the Mongols or Was it Already There?

Most haplogroup N members in Europe live in the north of Europe and appear to have migrated there from Asia via a northerly route. Most of these lineages did not penetrate into central or southeastern Europe.

N-Y6503 (red) with origin in Asia came to Europe but with no evidence pointing to a northerly route

Haplogroup N-Y7310 is one of few N haplogroups with diversity in the Pontic Steppe. Because this lineage has no diversity in northern Europe and a MRCA of 700 years ago, a Mongolian vector should be considered.

Complicating or contradicting this theory is a single N-P189.2* sample from Devon, England, whose ancestors parted ways with Y7310's lineage 2400 BC.

Either N-P189.2 was already in Europe by 2400 BC or there were two migrations from the Altai Mountains to Europe that happened after this date. The former explanation seems more likely.

In that case, the N-Y6516 diversification event around 1300 AD can be understood as a local survivor that possessed power at this time and whose progeny may have had less competition for women as a result of the termination of many other male lineages by the Mongols.

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