This service is a package deal including the Deep Match Finding and following up with several steps necessary to drive research into

  • Finding your relatives
  • Determining your ancient ancestry

This service entails:

  1. Deep Match Finding
  2. Contacting your project admins to get the contact info of these new distant matches, as they will not show up in your STR Matches in FTDNA
  3. Contacting your distant matches informing them of your match, its significance and suggested next steps to advance your research goals. Email will include:
    • Screenshot of the match showing shared rare STRs discovered by STR Match Finder
    • Links to migration paths
    • Pertinent theories regarding your lineage
  4. After one or two weeks time to allow your matches to join, repeating the steps above once in case the addition of these distant matches facilitates discovery of additional matches

This service requires an upfront payment of $68.

Additional iterations of steps 1-3 beyond the first cost $30 each.