Creator - Hunter Provyn

Yanis Kamus - E-PF2431 Project, Archaeological Horizons

Yacine Kemouche is a professor of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics who has been cultivating his passion for geneaology for nearly 30 years.

Michał Mrowczyk - R1a Project

Michał Mrowczyk is a software engineer from Kraków (Poland). He belongs to R1a-YP254 clade (still waiting for the final result though).

Karim Roussi - Archaeological Horizons Coordination, E-MZ2 & E-Z5009 Projects

Karim Roussi first studied economics before switching to become a Geographic Information System (GIS) specialist. He is interested in history, geography, genealogy (both traditional and genetic) and HGIS (historical GIS).

Rachel Unkefer - R-FGC20747 Project

Rachel Unkefer has been a genealogist since 1984 and an administrator of DNA projects since 2009. She was a co-founder of Computer Literacy Bookshops, a Silicon Valley institution for nearly 20 years.

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