Advanced users with access to kit data, generally Y-haplogroup project administrators, can (and should!) create a new project in PhyloGeographer to visualize their data.

A. Tree Data Format

First, you must understand your haplogroup's hierarchical tree. I recommend using the structure defined by YFull and the clade names used in your kit data.

Use this tree template to construct your tree. On each line, parent clade is followed by children

B. Kit Data Format

If you are a FTDNA project admin, access your project's paternal ancestry report. Here you will find the latitude and longitude of each kit's paternal ancestor, if known.

If you know how to run python scripts, you can use my script to automatically parse the paternal ancestry report.

Creating Kit Data from scratch:

Use this kit template to manage your kit data.

Note that if a kit has more than one negative call, the negatives are all written in the same cell and separated from one another by colon.

Example kits file that has been downloaded as csv:

id,lat,lon,clade,negatives(separated by colons)


C. Create New Project

1. Download both your kit file and tree file from Google Drive as csv

2. Open the downloaded kit csv in notepad/editor, copy all of it and paste it into the form.

3. Click "Submit". The number of kits parsed and any parsing errors are displayed below the submission form.

4. Open the downloaded tree csv in notepad/editor and copy paste it into the form.

5. Click Submit. After submitting the tree, there is a delay of 10 seconds to allow computation. After this, the tree displays and kits load onto the map.

6. To share your results, state your haplogroup project name and post links to your data on the Facebook group.

7. After file format validation you will be notified when your project is available in the project selection drop-down for anyone to view.

8. Time to notify your haplogroup project members!